Swedenborg & Modern Ideas of the Universe

This is Transaction Number one of the Swedenborg Society series.  It comes from an address given by Harold Gardiner, M.S., F.R.C.S., President of the Swedenborg Society at the annual meeting in 1935.  He represented the Principia as a work of scientific philosophy in order to compare and contrast Swedenborg’s ideas and those of modern (in 1935) ideas of the nature of the universe.

“Swedenborg conceived of some primal physical particle which was moved by some external force, and that Swedenborg was the first to conceive of the particle itself as containing within it pure motion, and in fact consisting of pure motion or force.  Swedenborg’s theory, therefore, describes the origin of matter as force”.

An interesting exploration of early twentieth century scientific philosophy through a Swedenborgian lens that showcases the ways in which Swedenborg’s theories foreshadowed modern physics.

Available for purchase for only £1 from the Swedenborg Society shop or website.


3 Responses to “Swedenborg & Modern Ideas of the Universe”

  1. anna borja

    science is now catching up with swedenborg which he wrote in the early 19 hundreds


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