What country do we live in?

The TV programme Deal or no Deal formed the basis of this morning’s discussion.  I’ve never watched it, but as we concluded that the banker character’s cash offers for mysterious boxes – all part of an elaborate scheme to mislead you and stop you winning more money (I think? I have to say despite James‘ in depth knowledge of the rules I’m still a bit confused) – is a reflection of the free market mess we’re in now, maybe I’ll record it next week.

Last week we argued about the difference between Britain and the UK – with the conclusion that none of us is completely certain what country we’re living in – in case you’re confused I found a useful link that explained it all nicely.  I had to learn this when I was teaching in Japan (people kept asking me questions and expecting me to know the answers!) but I forgot that information quite quickly on my return and recommenced living inside an ambiguous border.

This week I am fighting with another ebook – Gardens of Heaven and Earth . This one is proving more time consuming and challenging – after an unsuccessful fight with PDFs and Calibre (ebook making software) I capitulated and begged Steve to give me a word doc to work with.  This has been better, but I’m have to redo the footnotes one by one to make sure they work as active links in the finished project.

Meanwhile, Nora is busily sending off thousands of emails and invitations for the upcoming exhibition – we want to ask Grayson Perry as another artist interested in unearthing forgotten treasures from archives (see his current British Museum exhibition The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman which includes his tapestry “Map of Truths and Beliefs” above. Catch it before it finishes, it’s wonderful).  James is worried about how the ‘remnants’ will be displayed – last seen he was constructing cunning cardboard stands for the exhibits.  Maybe we should ring Grayson and ask him for some help…


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