Exhibition Opening this Thursday

Hello I just thought I should reveal a bit more about our forthcoming exhibition opening taking place this Thursday 23rd February, to celebrate the launch of the Swedenborg library online catalogue. REMNANTS is a fascinating showcase of over fifty archive objects, most of which have never been on public display before. This exhibition, curated by Jan Evans, is a unique chance to wander through the Society’s past cultures and its characters, from its inception in 1810 to the present day.

The JJG Wilkinson collection alone is worth coming for, featuring some seriously strange and wonderful Victoriana: a pressed flower from Wilkinson’s 1871 travelogue (pictured, left), his ‘Drawing of a young boy sparring with a human-like sea monster’ and his collection of ‘spirit photos’ entitled ‘The Spirit Play of Curds & Whey’. Elsewhere you will discover a walking stick belonging to Emanuel Swedenborg and later to Robert Hindmarsh, a founder member of the Society; photographs and engravings of Society members; telegrams, letters, newspaper clippings and annotated manuscripts; and a piece of bark from a poplar tree in Swedenborg’s garden (pictured, above).  Items from the archive will be installed in the existing bookcases, drawers and glass cabinets of Swedenborg House; and the Gardiner (basement) room will host a ‘A Visit to Skandinavia’, a projection of archive lantern slides throughout the evening.

Richard Lines will also present his book A History of the Swedenborg Society 1810 – 2010 (South Vale Press 2012), a textual counterpart to this historical exhibition and a landmark publication in its own right. Refreshments will be served in Swedenborg Hall.  .

We look forward to seeing lots of you here on Thursday evening. Admission is free but it would be great to confirm numbers, so if you would like to come please RSVP to nora@swedenborg.org.uk. The exhibition will remain open from 9.30am to 5pm on Friday 24th February (but we’ll have stopped serving drinks by then …)



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