Ultimate Reality

Transaction number 3 comes from an address that was given by the Reverend Lewis Field Hite, A. M. (Harvard) at the International Swedenborg Congress in London in 1910.

He was the Professor of Philosophy at the New Church Theological School and this essay was published in 1936 by the Swedenborg Society.

‘Swedenborg remarks […] that for lack of knowing what love is men have made one or the other of two fundamental mistakes: maintaining either that thought is life or that action is life.  The former is the view of Aristotelianism and in general of all forms of intellectualism – in short, the view of traditional philosophy; the latter, of all schools of materialism.  Swedenborg corrects both of these philosophies by affirming that thought is the first effect of life, action the second effect’. (pp. 31-2)

Although Reverend Hite works from the basis of god as the only ultimate reality his argument is not doctrinal but philosophical.  Follow his fascinating ideas through to an uplifting conclusion by buying this from the Swedenborg Society website or shop for just £1.  It even includes a surprise supplementary essay that expands his ideas further.


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