A New Discovery – ‘Parental Affection’ by William Blake

A newly-discovered watercolour by William Blake (1757-1827), originally belonging to a founder member of the Swedenborg Society, has been revealed at the major art event, Master Drawings London.

English watercolour specialist Lowell Libson showcased a perfectly-preserved work by William Blake entitled Parental Affection or The Meeting of a Family in Heaven (left), which he values at six figures. The watercolour was originally acquired by Swedenborgian and Society member Charles Augustus Tulk (1786-1849) in 1816 and has remained in the same family collection ever since. ‘This work is totally unknown and unrecorded and has been in an album since it was first acquired by Charles Tulk from the artist,’ says Libson, ‘It has never seen the light of day and is in superb condition.’

Charles Augustus Tulk was a friend and patron of William Blake, whose Songs of Innocence and Experience he was the first to introduce to Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834). William Blake was an early reader of Swedenborg, and Swedenborg’s influence can be seen in much of Blake’s radical poetry, prose and visual art, including this newly-discovered watercolour and also The Marriage of Heaven and Hell (1790-1793).

Read more about the watercolour and its provenance on the Lowell Libson website here.


4 Responses to “A New Discovery – ‘Parental Affection’ by William Blake”

  1. alexdee21

    Beautiful! However, I cannot shake the feeling that this seems familiar. I think I must have seen or heard about this or a similar watercolour somewhere.


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