The Architecture Exchange: Heidegger/Harman seminar series in Swedenborg Hall

Swedenborg Hall | 1, 15, 29 May & 22 June 2013 | Featuring: Peg Rawes / Patrick Lynch / Jonathan Hale / Adam Sharr / Lorens Holm / Peter Carl / Graham Harman


HallCNJ?On Wednesday 1 May 2013, the Society will be extremely pleased to welcome a new series of talks to Swedenborg Hall. The Architecture Exchange represents a new platform for architectural debate in London, aimed at fostering intellectual exchange between architecture and other fields. In this, the first seminar series, philosopher Graham Harman’s radical reading of Heidegger is discussed by six eminent architectural thinkers. These intimate talks will take place throughout May 2013, culminating in a final discussion led by Harman on 22 June 2013.

All talks are free to attend and will take place in Swedenborg Hall. This event is organized by the Architecture Exchange in association with the Swedenborg Society.

image-beechTalks will be led by eminent philosophers and architects: Peg Rawes (Bartlett School of Architecture), Patrick Lynch (Lynch Architects), Jonathan Hale (Nottingham University), Adam Sharr (Newcastle University, Adam Sharr Architects), Lorens Holm (University of Dundee), Peter Carl (London Metropolitan University) and finally Graham Harman himself (American University, Cairo). This series represents a rare chance to witness these speakers in such an intimate environment, and the talks should attract anyone with an interest in architecture or philosophy.


Please find further information on our website. We hope to get a good audience for this, the first ever Architecture Exchange seminar series. Admission is free but capacity is limited, so please email if you would like to book a place at any of the talks (1, 15, 29 May & 22 June).


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