Flag Design Competition: THE SHORTLIST

We were overwhelmed by entries for our flag design competition, and have been extremely impressed by the quality of designs submitted, from all over the world. These 10 designs represent a select shortlist and include works by: Jonas Wallberg & Agneta Wickenberg; Alan Ayers; John Mucci; Jonathan Trayner; Jefferson Small; Christina Mitrense & Michael Hampton; Alexander Zweil; Simon Barker; Benjamin Carroll; and Thomas Bizzarri, Alain Rodriguez & Florian Pentsch. Most are single images, but two of the designs feature contrasting images: of a flag with different sides (Bizzari, Rodriquez & Pentsch), or a flag as seen by day or by night (Simon Barker). Simply click on any of the images below to view the designs in a larger format.

The winning design will be announced at the Swedenborg Society’s 203rd Annual General Meeting on 27 June 2013. Our judging panel will be reviewing the shortlist over the next week, but your suggestions and feedback would be much appreciated. Please feel free to comment below.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a design. We look forward to announcing the winner, and to raising the new flag in the autumn!

(Images copyright of the artists)


5 Responses to “Flag Design Competition: THE SHORTLIST”

  1. Sally Pomme

    Really beautiful work everyone. It is actually hard to choose as they are all so interesting and original – but I think I like Simon Barker’s day and night flag best.

  2. jonas Ranson

    Christina Mitrentse’s Flag is ingenuous, such elegant, playful and thought provoking design. Would make a very complementary and fitting addition to the exterior of the Swedenborg House. An undoubted talking point. I await eagerly to see it realised

  3. Cecilia Gelin

    Alain Ayers´flag is the absolutely most interesting contribution to this contest. It´s intriguing in its contextualisation as well as it´s poetic and beautiful. – A true tribute to Swedenborg and an intelligent play with vexillology itself. I think many people would truly enjoy experiencing this flag performing its beauty!


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