Bestseller: Swimming to Heaven by Iain Sinclair

On 30 July we launched Swimming to Heaven: The Lost Rivers of London by Iain Sinclair. This is the second volume in our celebrated Swedenborg Archive series. In this book, Iain Sinclair follows the ‘lost’ underground rivers of London and examines their influence on the visionary literature of the capital.

51d6f82389c84Swimming to Heaven is currently the no.1 BESTSELLER at the London Review Bookshop. We are extremely pleased that this little volume is repeating the success of Blake’s London: The Topographic Sublime (Swedenborg Archive, vol. I), and would encourage you to pick up a copy for only £5.95. The book is available to order from the LRB, our website and; you can also pick up a copy at the Broadway Bookshop in Hackney and other independent stores across London. Your local bookshop can order a copy for you via Gardners or Bertrams.

IMAG0218We only have a few copies left of the special 26 COLLECTORS’ EDITION of Swimming to Heaven, signed and inscribed (A-Z) by Iain Sinclair.

These editions are available for only £30 each, from our website. There are only 6 copies left of the original 26 (no.11, letter K is pictured above).

Title: Swimming to Heaven: The Lost Rivers of London | Series: Swedenborg Archive | ISBN: 978-0854481798| Format: limited edition hardback | Pages: 78 | Publisher: The Swedenborg Society | Dimensions: 205x130mm | Language: English | Text: Iain Sinclair | Series Editor/designer: Stephen McNeilly | Place of publication: London, UK | Date of publication: 2013 | ORDER THIS BOOK


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