The end of a Swedenborgian Sanctuary?

Three months ago, I wrote my first blog article for the Swedenborg Society as the newly appointed Publishing and Publicity Assistant.

From April 2014, I have been working at the Swedenborg Society for three days a week. One of my tasks has been to prepare for the introduction of distributors to the publishing procedure, which has entailed the production and editing of Advanced Information Sheets, compiling texts for ebooks, updating and creating spreadsheets and producing book descriptions.

This has enabled me not just to take an editorial role, but to participate in the production, design, marketing and publicity of the books, — the complete process. Little did I anticipate how dynamic and diverse this role would be.

Not only have I been fortunate enough to experience the diversity of publishing, but I have also been in charge of the Society’s social media. Posting Facebook statuses and Twitter posts, alongside writing blog articles for WordPress, and conducting research for the Society’s enhancement programme has shown me the huge role that modern technology plays in publishing and publicity.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have been given this opportunity, to immerse myself in so many different areas of publishing at such an early stage in my career. Going for job interviews, I can emphasise my skills in InDesign, and highlight my ability to create effective press releases. The Swedenborg Society has given me this valuable experience.

Yet it seems that in the increasingly competitive publishing industry, more companies cannot give graduates what the Swedenborg Society has given me. Graduates are keen to learn, yet in this economic climate, how many of us can realistically afford to keep taking unpaid internships? Give a young person a chance, and they will work hard to prove themselves; often passion and determination to succeed will ensure success.

This was not just a three month role as Publishing and Publicity Assistant. The Society has given me the necessary skills, competency and ability to go into any area of publishing in my next role, allowing me the complete flexibility to choose my own career path. I may be taking a year out to travel the world, but I will not forget my time here at the Swedenborg Society. This is not the end of a Swedenborgian sanctuary, but has been the beginning of what I hope will be a long and successful career in publishing.


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