Swedenborg Short Film Festival | Alchemy Film Festival


The Swedenborg Society Short film Festival is returning this year in an exciting two-event format.

Co-curated by Nora Foster and Gareth Evans, the first event is to be hosted this weekend (Sunday 19th of April) at the innovative Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival in Hawick (Scotland). Opening on the popular Sunday morning slot, the programme is to feature a selection of some of the best short films shown at previous SSFFs including:

  • Charon by Chiara Ambrosio (2009)
  • The Cut by Kate Davis & David Moore (2010)
  • Tomorrow by Bartosz Kruhlik (2008)
  • Hisab by Ezra Wube (2011)
  • The Hand in a Plastic Bag by Erica Eyres (2012) and
  • The Subterraneans by Toby Tatum (2011)

Gareth Evans and Nora Foster will be present on the day, alongside filmmakers Chiara Ambrosio and Toby Tatum. The festival is directed by Richard Ashrowan and is a leading venue for showcasing new talent in the UK.

The second leg of the event is to be held later in the summer at our regular venue at Swedenborg House. The exact details of this have yet to be determined but will involve another opportunity for visitors to enjoy the unique atmosphere of Swedenborg House, with its newly refurbished hall and building. More details of this will be posted soon.

For those interested in attending the screening at Hawick this weekend please visit the link here


by Stephen McNeilly


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