In the Swedenborg Society online bookshop we try to stock a comprehensive and constantly changing range of literature – reflective of Swedenborg’s fascinating ideas and their cultural importance.

Browse our collection for the complete works of Emanuel Swedenborg – including foreign language editions and those by other publishers; the Swedenborg Society Journals, exploring Swedenborg’s ideas and influence in their many contexts; reference material and biographies of Swedenborg; and a number of introductory books for those less familiar with his writings.

Simply click on the subheadings on the left to view our full range of titles.

We post books worldwide – first class within the UK, and by airmail to the rest of the world. Postage is charged according to the weight of the books you have ordered. Should the title be out of stock we’ll contact you at once with the new date by which you should expect your order to arrive. Inland delivery is usually 3 – 7 working days. If you have a particular enquiry or would like to be sent a catalogue of our books, please email


      New Releases                                                                        Works of Swedenborg

new releases
works of swedenborg

 Introductory | Biography                                                     Related Literature

introductory | biographyrelated literature

       Limited Editions                                                Journals of the Swedenborg Society

limited editions

journals of the swedenborg society

      Reference Books                                                              Swedenborg Foundation

reference books

swedenborg foundation

       Latin Editions                                                                      Trade Enquiries

latin editionsTrade Enquiries

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